The "Last Minute" Holiday Gift Guide

If you've been getting clapped at work and haven't had time to do holiday gift shopping for your friends and family, we've got y'all covered

Litquidity Capital
December 11, 2021

If you're like me (Lit), you're a serial procrastinator that can plausibly blame it on being swamped with deal flow expected to close by 12/31. You still need to buy gifts for your family, friends, significant others, your MD, your doorman, your side piece, the hot HR girl (or hot guy if that's your thing) etc. and need something quick but high quality. 

We've compiled a list of high quality products that won't have your recipient giving you a half-assed "wow, thanks this is nice. I'll definitely use this...". Why waste your hard-earned money to buy stuff if it's just gonna be tossed in the trash in a few weeks? Don't get a reputation for being a weak gift-giver and check out the items below.

We've bucketed them by categories and have added prices, discount codes, and cutoff dates for Xmas delivery where possible. The list is geared towards dudes given we are dudes but we've consulted our female advisory network to help Chad identify some 

Lock in some capital gains from your stocks/cryptos/NFTs or allocate some bonus dollars towards some good gifts while there's still time!

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays from the Litquidity team 🤝🎅🎄🎁

For The Gentlemen


  • Mizzen & Main:
    • Everyone knows how embarrassing it can be to show up to the office after a stressful commute only to find out you’re rocking major pit stains from the cramped subway ride to work… thankfully Mizzen & Main’s got the boys covered with their performance fabric dress shirts that are gonna help keep you cool and prevent any awkward encounters this season.
  • Yellow Label
    • Idk if you’ve taken notice yet but athleisure is taking over day-to-day casual wear and people are opting to rock matching sweatsuits on their off days and here at LitCap we’re all for looking fly and feeling comfy. Yellow Label has the hook up with our favorite hoodie and sweat combo that’s taking us back to the basics. Pair any color with a dope pair of sneakers, a nice metal-band watch, and boom. That’s a fit. They’ve got his and her styles, too, so no one is left out 😤. We also dropped some exclusive Litquidity tees, hoodies, half zips, and hats that are absolutely fire.
  • Meriggi
    • These guys are making premium swimwear for men. Their design is inspired by the Mediterranean lifestyle. Scoop some up and look like a mf boss in Tulum this winter.
  • Rhoback
    • I know some of us are partial to certain brands but it’s about time to spice up your Polo and Quarter-zip game and join the Rhoback fam. They’ve got some sick patterns that we at LitCap are confident are going to turn some heads whether you’re on the course, in the clubhouse, or day-boozing with the boys (We prefer the third). Take a look and upgrade the wardrobe with styles that help you stand out and get creative with it.
    • Polos - $84
    • Q-Zips - $128
  • Litquidity (ayy meta af)
    • ‘Tis the season! Everyone’s hype to startup holiday party szn again and we’re hooking it up with some dank Ugly Christmas Sweaters that are gonna get some laughs out of the rest of the party when they realize they didn’t get creative enough. Also, if you're an absolute unit (2XL), we've got a handful of Litquidity x Rhone branded fleece vests in stock
    • Ugly Christmas Sweaters - $40
    • The Bond Fleece Vest - $100
  • Birddogs
    • Lululemon needs to watch their back because their less stuffy and more playful competitor has stepped up to the plate. If you don’t already love them because of their based marketing campaigns and overall brand personality, you will after you try their pants. Birddogs makes pants and shorts for every occasion that come with built-in underwear. What’s better than the ability to freeball all day every day without anyone knowing, and it actually being acceptable? Take a look at their most popular pieces, but whether it’s the gym, the course, the office, or the pool they’re going to keep you and your boys down low comfy
  • Rowing Blazers
    • If you haven’t heard of Rowing Blazers yet, you will soon. This brand is spinning preppy on its back by combining classic styles with a mixture of streetwear and pop culture to deliver some sick designs that will have you getting constant admiration for your wardrobe. They’ve got cashmere, wool, cotton, and everything in between. Here are some of our favorites:
    • BING BONG! The Knicks are back and Rowing Blazers dropped an NBA collab that makes it possible to look ready for a night out and the game at the same time
  • Collars & Co
    • If you want the look of a button-down without the discomfort, the hassle, and always making sure you don’t get that little bulge on your lower stomach, we found a solution: the Collars & Co Dress Collar Polo. This is the crossover office wear you never knew you needed. The shirt is exactly what it sounds like. It has the comfort of a lightweight polo with a traditional English spread collar. It works perfectly under sweaters, on its own, or even under a blazer. How many polos can you wear with a tie? They’re offering a "Buy 3, Get 20% + Free Shipping" deal right for the holidays so go take a look
  • Mackage
    • Bombers are classic jackets that have been around forever because of their versatility and complement to most outfits, and they're not going anywhere anytime soon. If you want to elevate your bomber game, look into getting one with a shearling collar that adds a distinctive touch and is also comfy af on your neck
  • Lululemon
    • Lululemon has long been the pinnacle of athleisure wear with their incredibly comfortable products that actually look good, too. The ABC pants, which mean "anti-ball crushing" pants, are the perfect example of stylish, comfortable wear. They’re a personal favorite for the LitCap team because they’re exceptionally versatile. Whether you’re headed to the golf course, the office, or just strolling around the city, these pants will keep the fellas snug and your fit stylish
    • Who knew it would ever be cool to look like you’re going for a run, without having any intentions of breaking a sweat? Going for coffee, meeting for brunch, running errands, they all share something in common: you can do these all while wearing a good pair of joggers and a nice hoodie. The City Sweat Jogger from Lulu is a great basic to add to weekend fit rotation. I'm wearing a pair as I type this out
    • Gone are the days of capri-length basketball shorts being the norm. Above-the-knee short lengths are back in vogue for men. The Pace Breaker Shorts from Lulu are essential. They’re lightweight, simple, and most importantly, the appropriate length. Also, with the addition of pockets, these shorts are versatile enough to be taken out of the gym and worn wherever appropriate. They come in 5-,7-, and 9-inch styles


  • Del Toro Shoes
    • Suede Milano Loafer - $385
      • Suede loafers F*CK. Del Toro’s classic Milano silhouette comes in a variety of colors, so find the perfect one that fits your color palette. These can be worn in the office, at weddings, classy dinners, and a variety of other occasions
    • Leather Chukka - $275
      • Leather sneakers are great because they can be dressed up or down. These Del Toro chukkas are a must-have because they’re clean, simple, and comfortable.
    • They've got free US shipping and returns on orders $100+
  • Amberjack Shoes
    • We all know the struggle of picking up a new pair of dress shoes. There's a lot of breaking-in involved with a few blisters and a lack of functionality along the way. Our friends at Amberjack are here to solve this by producing dress shoes that are sleek, comfortable, and affordable. On top of all of this, they’re focusing on an ethical and sustainable supply chain so you can be confident no human or environment was harmed in the making of your new kicks. Take a look at some of our favorites and start shopping for something your feet and outfit will love: 
  • KOIO Shoes
    • A staple in every man’s closet should be a good pair of white leather sneakers. They go well with virtually all outfits, can be dressed up or down, and they’re nondescript enough that no one will question when you wear them out multiple weekends in a row. We know Common Projects are the gold standard for this critical closet item, but not everyone wants to drop $400+ on a pair of sneakers that are just going to get stepped on during your walk to the bathroom. We’ve got the solution: KOIO. KOIO is a great option at a much more palatable price point, so you can achieve the same look without overpaying for the CP clout
  • Thursday Boot Brand
    • When it comes to a good pair of leather boots, quality is key. You want something that’s built to last so you can confidently tackle many Fall/Winter seasons and look good while doing so. While a bunch of finance hardos think pricing isn't a consideration, a true hardo aims to optimize quality for the price paid. Thursday Boot Brand fits the mold. Most of their styles are under $200, but you would never know because of their durability and style
  • Golden Goose
    • “Who wants to pay over $500 for dirty sneakers??”... absolute Chads do. This brand gets hate for their pre-distressed shoes but the Italians know how to add some subtle individuality to the crowded leather sneaker market. They’ve got a bunch of styles, but we’re really liking these Stardans that are super clean and a versatile low-top with a nice pop from the gold on the toe tab
  • Hoka
    • This one is for all the runners in your life. Hoka’s versatile and light, yet cushioned, running shoes are perfect for any paths that their mileage may take them on. They’ve got quite a few styles, but the Rincon 3’s are our favorite to get the best weight-to-cushion ratio without dropping a fat bag
    • Rincon 3 - $120


Straight from the bathroom cabinet of our very own Mark Moran, we’re bringing you our six essentials for a good skincare routine. Not everyone gets five seconds of fame based on their face (if you haven’t seen him on F-Boy Island on HBO Max yet, now’s your chance), so safe to say the advice comes from a trusted source

  1. Ultra Facial Cream - $58: First, it’s time to start using a good facial cream. The skin on your face is thinner than the rest of your body so make sure to use something specific (NOT body lotion) to prevent irritating and clogging of the pores. This one from Kiehl’s is a great choice for all types of skin.
  2. Ultra Facial Cleanser: Next, washing with just water (and please not body wash) isn’t enough to maintain clean and healthy skin. Using water or non-face-specific soap can irritate or dry skin and cause acne. Kiehl’s facial cleanser is great for daily use and will help keep your skin clean without too much dehydration. 
  3. Cleansing Clay Mask - $38: As much as we love a good daily cleanser, it’s time to add another tool into the mix. Using a good clay mask a few times a week will help draw out dirt and toxins from the skin, minimize pores, and go beyond what a daily cleanser will do. It’s too harsh to use every day but incorporated into your weekly routine it will keep skin smooth and free of blackheads.
  4. Body Lotion with Cocoa Butter - $80: While your face may be important, let’s not forget about the rest of the body. Getting out of the shower and not putting on some sort of lotion is doing your body a disservice and can lead to dry skin. This one from Kiehl’s is non-greasy and has cacao butter so you can keep your body hydrated, healthy, and smelling good daily. 
  5. Multi-Corrective Eye-Opening Serum - $50: Now, let’s look tackle the eye bags from all the late nights in the office (or the club). Staying up late can age us quickly and cause wrinkles, so a good under-eye cream can help firm and smooth the skin around the eye and keep all parts of your face in top shape. Kiehl’s delivers again with a formula that does a fantastic job.  
  6. Midnight Recovery Face Oil - $78: Lastly, we’re recommending something a little extra to help take care of your skin while you’re asleep. This Midnight Recovery Face Oil is meant to be put on after a wash before you put on face lotion to boost skin restoration overnight to help you look your best in the morning.

For The Ladies

  • Yellow Label
    • Like we said earlier, we’re loving the emergence of athleisure. Being comfy and stylish at the same time is undefeated. Yellow Label has crop tops, biker shorts, leggings, and more for the ladies who want to look like they just left morning yoga but actually just woke up, are on their way to boozy brunch, and ready to take some thirst trap Hinge pics
  • MZ Wallace
    • Times have changed and wearing a practical backpack is finally cool again. They’re perfect for commutes, traveling, and any other time you need to get from point A to point B with your essential belongings. MZ Wallace’s Metro backpack is our choice to add to your daily essentials list. It’s water-resistant, subtle yet distinctive, and easily fits your laptop plus anything else you may need. Also, the luggage sleeve makes it easy to toss on your suitcase when rushing through the airport to take some weight off your back
  • Dior
    • Not all totes are born the same. The style serves as one of the most practical bags because whether you’re traveling to another country or walking down the streets of New York you’re able to keep anything and everything safely and comfortably tucked away. The Dior Tote became iconic after its 2018 release because not only is it all of those things, it’s also a beautifully constructed piece that makes a statement wherever you go, but is subtle enough to be a very flexible accessory. They offer it in a variety of styles and colors so whether you’re on a beach somewhere or headed to work, incorporate some casual elegance into your outfit
  • Aritzia
    • Winter is almost here and the puffers are coming out to play. The struggles when the cold hits are trying to look good while also feeling good (literally, it’s cold af out there) which is why finding a good coat can be incredibly difficult. If you’re in the market for a versatile, practical, and stylish coat, the Aritzia Super Puff is undefeated. They offer it in every color, material, and style imaginable so there’s no excuse for not being able to find one you like. It’s a goose-down puffer so you already know it’s warm, too
  • BedGeek (NSFW lmao)
    • Our New Year’s resolution every year is to focus on self-care, right? BedGeek’s mission is to help with the often forgotten aspect of that. If Chad ain't hittin it right, check out BedGeek's sleek products that all arrive in discrete packaging
    • BedGeek - $80
    • CODE: clitquidity for 10% off your order (yes, with the c lmao)
  • Converse
    • It’s pretty hard to go wrong with a good pair of Converse, but they’ve stepped their game up this year by dropping the Move Platform, a more comfortable and platform version of the original Chuck Taylor that’s piqued our interest. For under $80, it’s a shoe that can easily be dressed up or down and is bound to be a go-to in a lot of closets going forward. Hop on the trend before it attains peak Basic Becky status 👀
    • Move Platform - $75
  • Del Toro Shoes
    • Women's Holiday Milano - $385
      • With holiday party szn rapidly approaching, there’s nothing wrong with being in the spirit. These green Milanos with a hint of red are perfect for all seasons gatherings, and the rubber sole will prevent any unwanted discomfort too
    • Women's Velvet Slipper - $385
      • Velvet is a great material all year round, but it shines most in the winter. It’s great for warmth and style, so these loafers are a great addition to incorporate into the rotation this season
    • They've got free US shipping and returns on orders $100+
  • Skincare
    • Sephora Lip Sleeping Mask - $22
      • Winter is here so that means the constant reapplication of lip balm to avoid any uncomfortable chapped lips. It doesn’t stop there though; it’s time to take advantage of your time asleep to help keep them even more hydrated. Sephora’s overnight lip mask helps keep your lips soft and healthy in the most brutal of conditions
    • Sephora Body Ritual - $40
      • This Sephora Body Ritual Box makes a great present because it has all the essentials to keep the body exfoliated, clean, healthy, and hydrated. If you’re buying it for someone else or want to try the products on your own, the travel-size versions of all four products make it an easy set to purchase without breaking the bank
  • Accessories
    • Le Labo Fragrance Discovery Set - $85
      • The Fragrance Discovery Set from Le Labo is the perfect holiday gift because it offers a set of four of their limited edition scents in a travel-size package. It gives anyone the opportunity to try each for themselves or have something they can take with them anywhere they go and count on having an irresistible fragrance
  • Jewelry


  • Finance-able
    • Those who have tried know finance can be an incredibly hard industry to break into, so Finance-able is doing its best to help out as much as possible. Created by a group of alum from the industry, they have courses to help teach you everything you need to be a successful analyst. Make sure to use code lit15 for 15% off any individual self-study course or the full site-wide pass bundle
    • Finance-able - $50-$70 


Some of the finance classics: 

  • Liar’s Poker - $10
  • Zero to One - $15
  • The Little Book of Common Sense Investing - $31
  • Intelligent Investor: The Definitive Book on Value Investing - $15

Accessories / Misc.

  • BlockFi's Bitcoin Credit Card
    • If you’re looking for an easy way to get into crypto without directly spending money to purchase the tokens, BlockFi is giving you an opportunity earn bitcoin when you swipe your credit card for any transaction you make. Their new Bitcoin Credit Card allows you to earn an unlimited 1.5% back in crypto on every purchase. Take a look and see if you’re ready to earn Bitcoin on a regular basis.
  • NFTs
    • This one is... unique... if you want surprise a special someone with a new piece of digital art, buy some ETH or SOL, get a digital wallet (Metamask, Rainbow, or Phantom), and find something that speaks to them. OpenSea, DigitalEyes, Magic Eden, are just some marketplaces to scoop some up. You never know, your gift of ~$100 could turn into $200,000 or go to $0 lmao. Crypto Punks, Bored Apes, Cool Cats, Lazy Lions, etc. are some examples of high profile, "blue chip" projects, though they are quite pricey to gift
    • If you want to learn more about how to think about NFTs, subscribe to Foot Guns Crypto Trading Newsletter and The Drop NFT Newsletter (they both have free options)
  • Christopher Cloos Sunglasses
    • People underestimate how much a good pair of sunglasses can complete a look. Christopher Cloos is our go-to for the finishing touch, with a bunch of timeless styles that will elevate your fits to the next level. If they’re good enough for 7-time Super Bowl champ Tom Brady, then needless to say they’re good enough for you, too. Here are all their iconic options:
  • GrowlerWerks
    • Don’t you wish you could access your favorite beer on-tap, wherever you find yourself? GrowlerWerks came up with the solution to this dilemma with their uKeg GO that is, literally what it sounds like, a mini keg you can bring with you anywhere you go. Powered by mini CO2 cans, you can keep 64 ounces of the beer of your choice ice cold for the foreseeable future. Enjoy.
  • Cometeer Coffee ☕ ☕ ☕
    • Tired of spending $6-8 every morning at La Colombe or Blue Bottle but want that premium coffee taste? Cometeer's got you with their unique flash frozen fresh coffee that preserves the full flavor of the beans to bring you the most complex coffee aromas and taste you've ever had, all for ~$2 / cup. Can't recommend this enough. I just drank one this morning and am ready to run through a brick wall
    • Cometeer Box - $64
    • Get $20 off and free shipping by clicking the link above 🤝

Luxury Watches

JomaShop is an online retailer that bulk purchases watches from watch manufacturers and/or authorized resellers and can afford to offer lower prices that you'll find in stores. 

If you've been eyeing a watch for months and want to save a couple of bucks or don't want to walk/drive to the store, check them out here:

Stocks / Crypto

This year has been incredibly wild with the rise of meme stocks and shitcoins. See below for a few of our favorite tickers:

$LGMA, $FGN, $BLLS, $CCK, $ASSCOIN, $POOPROCKET (Not investment advice. Also don't fall for any clown ass stock trading groups or courses from "gurus". Y'all are gonna get smoked when the rug gets pulled)

Get this male leotard for the Bitcoin Maximalist in your life - Polo Leotard - $18.65

Merry Christmas and happy holidays from the Litquidity team! Send in any suggestions and we'll update the list to help everyone get some thoughtful last minute gifts this year. 

Feel free to link the list on your instagram stories or twitter feeds to help others looking for some gift ideas. #WAGMI

Stay classy,


P.S. Here's a Christmas Card for y'all courtesy of @EnronChairman on twitter. We're thankful for all your support this past year and got some BIG MF TINGS coming in the new year.

P.S.S. We've got some stickers for sale so y'all can slap em on every major firm's logos. lfgoooooo. Check out our sticker pack

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